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Hotels Digital Signage

How to Use Digital Signage for Hotels To Improve Guest Experiences

Consider this – you are planning a getaway with your family and choosing the ultimate and perfect destination that perfectly suits you. You choose the best hotel in the region (Thanks to google reviews). The minute you enter the hotel, you notice a beautiful large screen with vibrant motion pictures, images, and stunning, high-resolution videos.

You will instantly feel better even after the super tiring journey and feel the vibe of the hotel. Well, this is the impact you leave on the guests with Hotel Digital Signage.

The hotel industry has transformed over the years, and it is a well-known fact that this Industry is ever-growing and will be so forever. Due to cut-throat competition in the industry, it is mandatory to make a great first impression on the guests and to make their stay memorable in your hotel. This is where Digital signage comes in and helps a great deal in assisting you in providing a never-seen-before kind of experience to your guests. 

In this article, we shall be covering the significance of Digital Signage and how it can improve your Guest’s experiences. But first, let us understand Digital Signages and the prerequisites associated with them.

What is Digital Signage?
Digital Signage is a screen or a digital display used to put across the information in simple words. It is widely used in different sectors, from malls and airports to restaurants and movie theatres.

If a brand is using screens to give out information to other people, you can rest assured that the brand is making full use of Digital Signage.

We have listed below the major benefits of using digital signage for your business or brand.

Benefits Of Using Digital Signage
Communication is extremely mandatory in any industry, and one of the major benefits of displaying Digital Signage is effective Communication.

These screens act as the perfect way to interact with your audience and increase user engagement. Smart business owners are slowly adopting this means to efficiently and effectively communicate with their existing customers and potential customers.

We have listed some major advantages of using digital signage in your business:

‣ Grabbing the attention of the audience
It is a well-known fact that people connect and interact ten times more with visuals than written texts. You can efficiently use this fact and manage digital signage to influence customer behavior by displaying eye-catching content and your brand’s products and services to ultimately drive profits and increase sales.

‣ Gives An Extra Push For Purchasing
Digital Signage can be highly beneficial for brands since it can convey in-store promotions, ongoing sales and discounts, and special offers while the shopper is in a buying decision process. This will help give an extra push and convince them to buy from you on the spot and increase your sales.

‣ Display Content Updates
Digital displays allow you to update the signage as frequently as you want due to quick modifications and easy-to-control features. In order to make sure your screen is displaying the right content, you can also remotely access and monitor digital screen easily through a mobile device management tool. Keeping your digital content up-to-date can be extremely cricual during the holiday time or while promoting a shopping spree. You can promote any ongoing flash sales to create a buzz and excitement in your audience and eventually grow your sales.

‣ Showcase Your Social Media Presence
Social Media is the most effective and powerful tool for maximizing your user engagement or giving your brand more presence. It is one place where people may already be talking about your brand. You should most definitely be taking advantage of this opportunity to increase your brand value by displaying what people say about your business. Be it in the form of images, videos, gifs, or reviews.

Digital Signage For Hotel Industry
digital signage for hotels
Digital Signages are widely used across various industries, but the one Industry in which they can do wonders is the Hotel industry.

The Hotel Industry is one Industry that mainly focuses on customer satisfaction. The hospitality sector is gradually incorporating technology into the premises to enhance the stay experience of guests.

Hoteliers mainly focus on the design, housekeeping, amenities, food and beverage department, and the list goes on. The one thing that they need to focus on is the First Impression. As the phrase, the First impression is the last impression suggests. Hotel digital signage can help your property provide a premium experience to all your guests.

Using Digital Signage for Hotels can drastically improve your hotel’s overall impression and the overall experience of the guests.

This is the main reason why big names are already adopting this method, and to keep up with the competition, you can do so too!

Keep reading to know how and where can you display Digital Signage to provide an amazing experience to your guests.

Different Ways Digital Signage in Hotels can Improve Guest Experience

digital signage for hotel management
‣ Beautify Your Decor
Apart from providing multiple benefits, Digital signage can also be used as a brilliant decor in the hotel. Just be sure about the placing. For instance- if you plan to place the Digital signage outside a spa, you can display a calm video of a flowing river or a waterfall to amplify the visitors’ experience further.

‣ For Checking In/Out
Hotels mostly spend the majority of their time assisting guests in their check-in/check-out process.

With the help of a touch screen, guests can easily check-in/ check-out on their own, saving a lot of time and easing the property’s workforce management. You can let one of the staff members assist the Guest while the rest can be assigned other important tasks.

‣ Wayfinding & Digital Maps
Several times, guests often enter the hotel after a long journey and are exhausted. The last thing which they want is an inconvenience. Guests often lose their way and cannot figure out where to go next. In such cases, interactive digital signage displaying a hotel map can assist them where to head towards both inside and outside the property.

‣ Guest Testimonials 
Online reviews are extremely important, especially in the hospitality industry. You can place digital signage at the reception area and showcase what your previous guests have to say about the hotel. Reading good reviews will instill more confidence in the guests waiting in the reception area.

‣ Display Social Wall
Displaying a social wall showcases how active the hotel is on social media platforms.

To increase engagement and make it more interactive, you can create a hashtag and encourage your guests to participate by uploading a picture or video in the swimming pool or relishing a dish and posting it on their social media. Using a reliable social media aggregator tool, you can collect the content from various social media platforms and present the content beautifully in a unified presentation.

‣ For Safety & Emergency Alerts
Catastrophe doesn’t inform before arriving. It arrives suddenly and unexpectedly. Hence, it is always better to be fully prepared – just in case. Putting up an emergency alert or message on the Digital signage will instantly alert the guests. The hotel authorities can immediately send notifications to the guests and tell them how to respond and take further measures, including where to go.

‣ Digital Menu
This is another great way of incorporating digital signage for hotels to increase other employees’ productivity and time. Instead of printed menus, you can display a digital menu in the bar and restaurant. Apart from this, you can conveniently display promotions, discounts, daily offers hence increasing business sales.

‣ Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistant is another efficient way to incorporate Digital signage for hotels in the hospitality industry. You can install kiosks portraying detailed information about the property, and it will further serve as a virtual assistant to the guests. You can even display the hotel’s top attractions, restaurants, and ongoing special events to make the trip more memorable for the guests.

‣ Places For Local Sightseeing
With the help of Hotel Digital Signage, you can give out extra information to your guests like the must-visit attractions of the local area, must-do things keeping in mind the city’s major attractions. Instead of hiring an outsider, the guests would be prepared about where to go while exploring the local areas.

‣ Flight Statuses
If the hotel is near the airport, you can display the flight status on Hotel Digital Signages. It will prove extremely beneficial for the guests who are staying in the hotel for a layover or boarding the flight early in the morning. They can easily keep track of time and be prepared about when to check out and head to the airport, and if there is any cancellation of flight or a delay, they can be well informed and take the next step accordingly.

‣ Event Guide & Directory
Many hotels are also used as a venue to conduct conferences and invite speakers for speeches. In that case, Digital signage can be extremely helpful in displaying the ongoing event and details of the next event like duration, who will be speaking, where will it be conducted, the upcoming activities, etc. This gives the guests a welcoming experience that they are genuinely cared for.

Digital Signage for hotels is proven beneficial in taking the events or conferences a notch higher. As a hotel owner, you can pitch to other large companies to consider your property for their next business event or conference.

Why Do Hotels Need Digital Signage?
While digital signage can be of great value to almost any business, the hotel industry can easily benefit more from these efficient and powerful screens. Multiple hotels have majorly benefitted by displaying digital signage on their property. There is no other better alternative than digital displays to keep the guests safe, entertained, and engaged all at the same time! Hotels no longer have to adopt the old means of using printed and static signs to connect with their guests, which they often ignore.

Future Of Digital Signage For Hotel Industry
digital signage for hotel lobby information
Ever since the inception of Interest and Mobile devices, Communication has tremendously lessened. Digital signage is all about communicating a message through the power of visuals. It gives a reason to remove their eyes from their devices and have a look at the screen & have a look at the content. Hence, you need to create content that can be easily spotted and understood by the onlookers.

Digital signage can help in building a strong relationship between the hotel and guests. By harnessing the power of Digital signages, you can effectively add more stars to your customer services.

A hotel might as well make use of these screens to display User Generated Content (UGC). As mentioned above, reviews from real guests can build further credentials for your business. Word Of Mouth (WOM) plays a vital role in the Hotel Industry. If the Guest enjoyed their stay and have good things to say about your hotel, they might tag you on their social media posts. Businesses can then repurpose these contents by reposting and mentioning the Guest, publishing it on a social wall while displaying it on digital signage at the same time. This generates more confidence in your potential guests and increases trust, value, and loyalty for your brand.

Here you go! Displaying Digital Signages is the perfect way to transform your hotel business into a world-class premise. Irrespective of whether you are looking to welcome, entertain, alarm, serve, inform, direct, or assist your guests, you can never go wrong with Digital signage.

Many times you have a solution, but you don’t know what to do next. The points mentioned above will help you with how you can significantly improve your business and the content that can be published to increase your guest experience and engagement.

Whether you are new in the hotel industry or are relatively old and looking for an appropriate solution to enhance the overall guest experience, digital signages are undoubtedly all you need!