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Hotels Digital Signage

How to Launch a Hotel Lobby Digital Signage

To inject visual appeal, and add value to your lobby’s décor, install a led signage board in your hotel. Ideally, it will keep your guests entertained, engaged, and informed. The video walls display live news, current affairs, or information about your hospitality services. A hotel digital signage creates a positive first impression with professional designs that align with your corporate image. Therefore, you can promote outstanding facilities offered by your establishment, or you can share a personalized welcome message for your expected guests. Hospitality digital displays will help you maximize your advertising potential, and it also introduces advanced technology in your hotel.

There are many opportunities for an electronic signage media player within a hotel. For instance, such events include daily events, transit services, promotions, hotel services, and local attractions. Electronic displays will improve staff efficiency to enhance customer experience, which increases your sales.

Why Hotels Should Use Lobby Digital Signage

1. Engaging guests

Before guests arrive at their destination, they always have many questions about the hotel and its surroundings. For instance, they have questions about exchanging their money, finding a nice place to eat, and getting nearby tourist attractions. The staff is left to answer these questions, which is tiresome. Ideally, you can install hallway screens as a virtual concierge to engage your guests and answer their inquiries.
The digital signs and electronic displays show essential information about the most popular events, restaurants, and attractions. It will make your guests look forward to all the fun they are about to experience.

2. Helping Guests Find Their Way

Large hotels have endless floors and hallways with uncountable rooms, which is not easy to locate without electronic screens. So, installing wayfinding screens will be a good idea. It will allow your guests to use electronic signs and maps to easily find their way around your business. With these electronic signage media players, directions to every place in your hotel are easily understandable. You would not want guests to be stranded as they find their rooms, or when they look for any other facility. Automated content and screens will impress them, and it will also save on employee bandwidth.

3. Modernizing Your Lobby

Your reception and entrance way should always stand out from any other place in your establishment, and you can achieve this by using hospitality lobby signage. It makes your entrance look attractive, and it gives your brand the ultimate wow-factor. A massive video wall playing flashy footage is one of the numerous ways to utilize the space. Generally, this will impress guests as they walk through your doors. Ensure that you incorporate branding whenever possible, and let your creativity flow at whatever angle. Additionally, a network of digital displays in your lobby will let your business provide fresh and exciting content easily and regularly.

4. Increasing Revenue with Hotel Lobby Digital Signage

Digitalized presentations contribute immensely to the revenue increment of a hotel. Electronic displays in the lobby are marketing the hotel, with thousands of people passing by the hallway daily. The sales will increase as many people will be attracted to what the establishment offers. Ideally, you can seek out local businesses that would like to be marketed at your hotel. In truth, their content will reach many viewers who happen to be the guests of your hotel. However, please do not go overboard with the advertisement as this will become boring to your guests.

Additionally, it would be best to funnel your guests to use your on-site bar and restaurant. They should do this rather than going somewhere else to spend their money. The only way these guests will be aware that your hotel has a bar and restaurant is by advertising it through the hospitality lobby display. Have special events, discounts, and promotions for your guests as well.

5. Protection of Guests

Guesthouses should take precautionary measures to protect their guests when unlikely situations occur. Sometimes, an emergency message should reach out to the guests faster during an unfortunate event. A display system is the best way to pass the information to all the guests in no time. The emergency notifications and alerts should get broadcasted to all the screens in your lodge. They should generally inform the guests on the right measures to take in a disastrous event like a fire.

What You Need To Start a Hotel Lobby Digital Signage Project

Many hotels gain interest in installing electronic hallway displays to improve your visitors’ experience on your establishments. However, they are not aware of how to launch it. Generally, it would help if you operate your computerized symbols with ease. To establish electronic signage, the following are essentials.

1. Digital Signage Display Software

The display software will allow you to control your computerized lobby presentations remotely. You can create new content in your account and display it on your digital screens. It will prevent employees from visiting each character, and update the content manually using a portable keyword and USB drive. Thus, saving on many employees’ time. The manual process is very tiresome, especially if your lobby has many screens. Therefore, this software will help employees manage their digital symbols efficiently.

2. Digital Signage Media Player

It is a small computer that allows your digital content to your lobby displays. An example of the media player is Nano-PC 3, which enables you to display full videos, images, and motion graphic content. Moreover, it shows digitalized calendars and live webpages.

3. Lobby Display TV

A lobby display monitor is an affordable actual screen, located in the lobby, displaying your computerized content. This monitor can either be an older television or a new one. It should also be compact with all signage players, and you should ensure that it accepts HDMI input.

What to Consider Before Launching a Hotel Lobby Digital Signage

Before you launch a hotel lobby digital display, there are many factors that you should consider. But most importantly, you should consider the following.

Cost of the TV display in your lobby

There are video wall installations that are very complex and the entire wall. These more extensive and complex installations are unnecessary and very expensive. Therefore, you should opt for affordable video installations. Ensure you purchase components that you need only to avoid an unnecessary purchase. For example, it is unnecessary to display your similar content on 20 different screens simultaneously. It will have excess processing power, and you will have to pay for it.

Consider Your Plan For The Digital Lobby Signage Content

You should refresh your content regularly to optimize your virtual lobby. You cannot display your brand logo all through, so you should have a content plan, and you will stick to it.

The content should include branding material such as upcoming events, the team members, and history. Additionally, it should consist of some entertainment and advertisement. Ideally, you can arrange your content to have specific content displayed at a particular time.

Hotel Lobby Digital Signage: Final Words

In conclusion, it is vital to embrace digital screens in your lobby with advanced technology to efficiently serve your visitors. It would create a good impression. In truth, it will make the guests want to make another visit to your business, helping to grow your brand.