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Signagee's Digital Signage gets your message to the right people at the right time.

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Hotel / Hospitality Digital Signage Solutions

Hotels, spas and convention centers use digital signage to communicate information to guests and visitors about special events, activities and promotions and to display externally sponsored ads.

For the best guest experience and upsell your amenities use Signagee's Digital Signage solution.

Corporate Communication Digital Signage Solutions

There are plenty of ways in which you can bring together your employees and enhance communication. One of the best ways is corporate digital signage. You can engage, communicate, and motivate your employees by using corporate digital signage solutions.

From emergency alert, customer service, HR information, factory floor metrics, upcoming meetings, recognizing the worker’s contribution to the announcement, digital signage is an effective way for corporate communication.

Education Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage has become populer in schools worldwide. Signagee's Digital Signage solution, foster enriched learning environments that keep students informed & promote a sense of community.

Digital Signage in educational facilities is used for updates on coming events, displaying news and other stories, information on campus activities and facilities, emergency notifications, displaying sponsor ads, and in school cafe’s and restaurants as a digital menu.

Retail Market Digital Signage Solutions

Showcase sales, deals and new arrivals in your store to stimulate purchases. Retail industry is one of the most natural environments for digital signage and has been used by stores successfully for quite a while. Different messages can be targeted to different locations and easily updated at anytime from anywhere.

Healthcare Digital Signage Solutions

While informing your patients, visitors and staff about health, benefit from campaigns, appointment tracking, direction finding and corporate news.

Be visible at every point with the kiosk, elevator information screen or digital signage monitors you will use in your hospital or clinic.

Menu Boards Digital Signage Solutions

Menu Boards for Restaurants & Cafes & Bars is very populer. Impress your guests with many digital menu board template options and increase your sales with promotional videos.

Digital Signage Hardware Solutions

As a manufacturer, we produce customized solutions for information kiosks, touch screen kiosks, elevator information screens. Share your special project requirements with us in this regard, and we will provide you with special hardware and software solutions.

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