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Engage, motivate and communicate to your employees effectively with Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage for corporate communication

Your First Choice for Corporate Communication Digital Signage Software

There are plenty of ways in which you can bring together your employees and enhance communication. One of the best ways is corporate digital signage. You can engage, communicate, and motivate your employees by using corporate digital signage solutions.

From emergency alert, customer service, recognizing the worker’s contribution to the announcement, digital signage is an effective way for corporate communication.

Personel Messages

It's easy to congratulate new staff members, staff of the month, staff giving birth, and staff with birthdays.

Events & Activities

The easy way to share your in-house meetings and events with all your employees.

Restaurants & Menus

Create an attractive screen of the daily or weekly menus.


Current temperature, today’s weather predictions, 5-days weather forecast, etc. that help you to make plans accordingly.

Offers & Discounts

Displays special offers and discounts from other companies to your employees.


Display the latest world headlines from sources like CNN, BBC, Yahoo, Fox, Google, ESPN and more.


Productivity is increased by providing application integration with in-house statistical information.


A fast, effective and catchy way to provide personnel training with video visuals.

Corporate Culture

Gain the trust of your staff with updated information. Trust reinforces the corporate culture.

Benefits of Corporate Digital Signage

Best Platform for Internal Communications

Manage publishing your visual content, whether it’s in the lobby, meeting room, hallway, conference room, reception or cafeteria with corporate digital signage. Communications can be related to welcoming a guest, leadership messages, HR communication, compliance, announcements or emergency notifications. This can also be used to display corporate messages, health and safety tips, production statistical data the latest trends in technology, current news, weather, sports and social media trends.

Company Internal Metrics

Many companies use metric analysis software to keep track of their sales, shares, and internal analytics. Digital Signage helps employees to know how they are performing and about their goals as well. Furthermore, such analytics sharing through the digital signage software often used to assess the overall performance of an organization.

Workplace Safety

Corporate digital signage can help ensure workplace safety. If there’s an equipment failure on the factory floor or any emergency state, that message needs to be distributed immediately so it’s seen by all workers right away.

Employee Morale

Putting up your employee appreciation on the digital signs is an excellent way to encourage, inspire and boost the morale of the team. You can announce certifications and awards for the best employee using digital signs. Or you can go extra miles by displaying positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Nobody Reads Human Resources Emails Anymore

The companies sends and receives a lot of emails per week, forcing many to check their mobile phones constantly during off hours just to keep up. While sending HR and other important information electronically may never go away, relying solely on email is losing its effectiveness. Well placed digital signage in dwell time areas such as elevators, corridors and break rooms help drive critical messages – but be careful: make sure to mix in “infotainment” such as weather, updated traffic and even fun videos/pictures to keep your digital signage fresh and relevant.

Cost Effective Solution

The preparation of a static, printed banner is a task that needs time and it's costly. The same message may be prepared and shown much faster with the use of a digital signage installation. Also, if you take into account the repeating printing costs due to message changes and wear of the banners, then digital signage becomes a very cost-effective platform that will result in significantly high Return on Investment (ROI).

Highly Scalable Solutions

Our highly scalable solutions also offer corporations the opportunity to easily expand the size and scope of their digital signage network as the company continues to grow.

As a result:

The following list describe information-based corporate digital signage benefits from an employee perspective:

  • Improve employee and company-wide communication to motivate and empower employees
  • Creates a sense of community and boosts morale
  • Sharing company metrics and performance engages workers
  • Supports company branding initiatives
  • Fosters workforce collaboration
  • Provides consistent information throughout various departments and locations
  • Helps retain employees

The following list describe information-based corporate digital signage benefits from management perspective:

  • Clear, convenient group messaging in real time
  • Schedule content in advance so messaging can update automatically
  • Keep employees informed with calendars, schedules and upcoming events
  • Design new content with provided templates without hiring designer help
  • Digital signage allows you to display multiple forms of content at once
  • Automated data feeds display real-time internal and external information
  • Ability to overcome spatial limitations by fitting more content onto one sign
  • Provide directions and interactive wayfinding options for people in large facilities
  • Improved workplace safety and emergency notifications in real time

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