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On-Premise Digital Signage

Signagee on-premise digital signage solution allows organisation to implement a digital signage server along with Content management system in local/on-premise data center.

Advantages of On-Premise Signage Server

  • The data used for signage resides within the organisations data center and physical premise.
  • Better data security compliance and control.
  • Limited/no Internet usage.
  • Relatively faster media upload/download on to server and devices.
  • Easy integration with internal servers and confidential data that needs to be shown on screen dynamically.

IT Requirements

  • Server with 4 Core CPU, 16GB RAM and 2TB storage (Depends on media file storage requirements).
  • Server operating system - Ubuntu 18. (For supporting less than 100 signage screens).
  • LAN/Intranet connectivity from signage player to the servers.
  • IP reachability on port 80, 443 and 8080.
  • Other standard signage requirements - Android or windows signage players and TV screens.

Yes, a dedicated server is required, as per specification mentioned above.
Generally internet connection is not required, unless, you want to show an internet website on your displays.
The number of displays that can be registered by on-premise Signagee CMS, is limited by the number of license you have procured from Signagee. Technically Signagee on-premise CMS solution can support any number of screens.
Signagee will charge one time on the basis of number of licence (depends on number of displays). Additionally, annual maintenance cost will be charged for support from second year onwards. Please contact us to know more about pricing.

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