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Signage is easy for Digital Signage.
For the best guest experience and upsell your amenities.

Increase customer engagement for Hospitality

Your First Choice for Hotel Digital Signage Software

A great guest experience requires engagement. Digital signage gives you a modern, dynamic and imminently flexible way to show guests that you’re focused on their needs. It makes their travel easier and their time with you more pleasant, resulting in both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Use digital displays to welcome guests, show current weather and event schedules, advertise concierge services and amenities, show off property highlights and promote local attractions.

Welcome Messages

Welcome to your customer as they arrive at your hotel reception desk and check-in to your hotel.

Events & Activities

Showcase local events and attractions that could be of interest to guests.

Restaurants & Menus

Create an attractive screen of the menu that you are offering currently or any special dish of the day.


Current temperature, today’s weather predictions, 5-days weather forecast, etc. that help you guests to make plans accordingly.


Digital Signage at the reception area is by displaying exclusive offers and discounts you are currently offering to your customers.


Display the latest world headlines from sources like CNN, BBC, Yahoo, Fox, Google, ESPN and more.


Locality informations, tourist destinations, security precautions, customised local maps, emergency alerts and other engaging contents.

Social Media

Make use of social media walls to popularise your services instantly.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Use Signagee digital displays to reinforce branding and impress guests with a visually appealing reception area.

Exchange & Room Rates

Displaying the latest currency conversion rates taken directly from the web, or advertising the Hotel’s exchange rate and room rates are a great way to keep customers up to date.

Clock & World Clock

On lobby screen, display local date & time or publish multiple world clocks of different time zone at the same time on a screen.

Hotel Pictures

Display beautiful images paired with important information about your pool, spa center, rooms, other business services, conference, and banquet halls.

Hotels & Hospitality Signage with Signagee

With Signagee digital signage software you can improve guest services and expand your brand experience:
  • Enhance guests experience by providing them with information relevant to their needs in real-time
  • Advertise restaurants, spa services, gift shops and loyalty programs
  • Manage and list events, directions, schedules and weather
  • Personalize quest welcomes and daily announcements
  • Increase the services and the partnerships
  • Broadcast system-wide emergencies and safety alerts
  • Publish message playlists to webpages and intranets for remote audiences
  • Help directory support to the concierge
  • Use kiosks and signage displays without pc/computer

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